Psychedelic – Forest Tutorial is a 10h long creation of a full track with psychedelic and forest influences.

  • 1 KICK BASS 37min
  • 2 PERCS 26min
  • 3 RETURNS 17min
  • 4 SYNTHS 2h 5 EFFECTS 48min
  • 6 ARRANGEMENT & MIX 6h  
Unemployed, people with big families and people with disabilities get a 10$ discount.
Just contact me at : psilocybian at gmail com

Please be aware that I send out the tutorial to your PAYPAL email adress and if you want me to send you the tutorial on a different one you will have to contact me through the contact page with a alternative email. 

All purchases are limited to 5 downloads or 2 weeks, but dont worry you can still get a new download link you just need to contact me through the contact page and request a new link.

Its amazing to be able to see how a pro makes a track from start to finish using his own tools, the best tutorials for psytrance !


I’m still learning a lot of your forest tutorial, i’m done now with my first real track, thanks a lot man.


Saša’s tutorials are some of the best instructional videos I’ve ever seen. Top notch quality, greatly informative, no bullshitting around and you get to learn a Pro working process. Your videos brought me from bedroom to festival, I won’t ever forget this.