Psychedelic Sequences is a Serum Patch Bank containing 60 patches  
Patches have been made using XFER SERUM v1.113
Please be aware that if your version is lower there might be some problems with compatibility  

Unemployed, people with big families and people with disabilities get a 5$ discount.
Just contact me at : psilocybian at gmail com

Please be aware that I send out the tutorial to your PAYPAL email address and if you want me to send you the tutorial on a different one you will have to contact me through the contact page with a alternative email. 

All purchases are limited to 5 downloads or 2 weeks, but don’t worry you can still get a new download link you just need to contact me through the contact page and request a new link.

Its amazing to be able to see how a pro makes a track from start to finish using his own tools, the best tutorials for psytrance !


I’m still learning a lot of your forest tutorial, i’m done now with my first real track, thanks a lot man.


Saša’s tutorials are some of the best instructional videos I’ve ever seen. Top notch quality, greatly informative, no bullshitting around and you get to learn a Pro working process. Your videos brought me from bedroom to festival, I won’t ever forget this.